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Technology Trends and Workforce in 2024

The rapid advancements in technology, especially in fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics creating is triggering a cascade effect of digital transformations across industries. This coupled with continued adoption of remote work is continually opening new job avenues, even as it renders certain traditional roles outdated.

Quick Tips for an Impactful Resume

Did you know an average resume gets about a 15-20 seconds glance when there is a pile to go through.If that’s the time you have to make an impression, you need to make the most of it. A resume serves as the first introduction you make on your prospective employer. You have to think of it as a crisp well written piece of an ad copy about yourself. So, spend time to craft your value proposition so you can stand out from the thousands that hit a desk!

How to be calm in the Job Interview Hot Seat?

“Seated in a chair in front of the interview panellist for my dream job, thoughts raced through my head of what they would ask me next. My palms got sweaty, my leg twitched, my heart raced faster than my thoughts, while my stomach churned its own tune. I stammered as I spoke about what I did every day for a living”

Be the CEO of Your Career – Find your career direction

When was the last time that you really examined your career?Many of us are stuck, trying to find where our career is headed. We continue to go to work every day because that is what we were told – you need the stable job to sustain. Have you asked yourself the question where am I going with my career? If you haven’t you must.

In today’s dynamic work environment, things are changing at a very fast pace, bringing with it a plethora of opportunities and even uncertainties.