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Hire Pundit – The Re-Brand Narrative

Hire Pundit has been on a journey and a lot has changed since we first started in 2016. Our services and markets have expanded organically over the years. For us, the evolution and growth of our business meant it was time that our identity and brand had reflects truly who we are today.

Rebranding, for us, meant a change in perspective about our firm’s future rather than merely a change in the logo. It meant, infusing our purpose and mission into our identity. Changing our brand may not seem that big from the outside, but it certainly felt like the right decision for us.

Our brand needed to represent the energy of our team and company and we took the bold step forward to refine the existing brand, so it communicates our story, strategy and impact.

At our core we are about people and shaping their futures. We knew that this re-brand had to be more than a facelift – it needed to reflect who we are, our values, our “People First” approach and how we deliver on our commitment to our client and our people.

With months of work behind the scenes and a clear vision in place we proudly share below a video about Hire Pundit with a detailed narrative of Our Brand in the article below.

We are Hire Pundit - #WeareHirePundit

We are enthusiastic and proud of our new brand and are better equipped to communicate our ideas and feelings to our clients and people.We are excited to share our new brand identity and an insight into meaning of some key elements of our rebrand.

We are Hire Pundit. Only, Bigger, Bolder and Better. Ready to embrace the ever changing tomorrow with agility and our “People First” approach.

We work together, we share, we trust, we solve, we inspire each other every day. We are driven by our purpose, to empower people and organizations to achieve their distinctive potential, enabling them to thrive where ever they go. The passion for our purpose goes beyond just doing our job. This is how we can positively impact our people, the candidates and businesses we work with and the communities where we serve. This is why we do what we do – unlock your distinctive potential.

Our Mission is to be the ‘partner of choice’ to Dynamic People and Businesses with International Ambitions, enabling them to accelerate their growth and empowering them to achieve consistently superior results through our recruitment and business growth solutions.

Global cultural fluency combined with mindset, knowledge, skills and ways of thinking, becomes the key enabler for businesses to grow in global territories. We are committed to provide our clients with impeccable service, helping them navigate the culturally diverse business landscape with ease and embrace global growth opportunities with agility.

We are here to shape a culturally fluent global workforce. Every day we strive to grow careers with purpose, ambition and opportunity guided by our core values.

Our New Visual Identity

Our logo is a true representation of our new visual identity. It graphically how our firm has changed more effectively. The forefront pillar of our logo is symbolic of a stylized human figure depicting victory, wrapped with the leading letters of “Hire Pundit”.

We are “Pundits”, the Experts at what we do. We know our market like nobody else. That is why we won’t let you settle for anything less than the best. With our expertise and connections, we empower you unlock your distinctive potential.

More than just Recruit, we build Futures.

We are all about People and our “People First” approach guides the way we work every day. We are more than just a recruitment company.

We help build futures. By building connections. We understand the importance of building strong relationships and personal connections be it a business or a professional. That is why we spend time to understand YOU.

We understand the challenges you face and opportunities that are waiting to be tapped. We know when it comes to recruitment, there is no one-size fits all, and that is why we use our experience, market knowledge and industry expertise to create strategic solutions that are unique to you. This is why we match individual career goals and dreams with ambitions of dynamic global businesses to fuel mutual growth.

We connect the world’s best Technology and Engineering Talent with their choice of world’s best companies across industries.

We help you find the “Experts” with the right cultural and professional fit that you need to achieve consistently superior results and accelerate your growth.

We continue to achieve service excellence as –
We don’t just introduce people, we recommend them.

Talent Acquisition x Business Growth

At Hire Pundit we are go beyond just recruitment. We not only help your dynamic businesses with effortless local and global talent acquisition but support you with business solutions to scale and accelerate growth. We help you with market entry strategies, setup and expand operations in new locations, hire and manage global talent and help keep you compliant at every step.

Your Trusted Partner for Growth

This is just a peek into our rebrand. Great things still lie ahead. We would like to thank our employees and customers who have been integral to our journey and helped us become what we are today.

We are committed to deliver - TALENT. STRATEGY. RESULTS.
A new chapter in Hire Pundit’s evolution has begun, and we invite you along as we write the story. We look forward to working together with you and be your trusted partner of choice to help you grow wherever you go.
Thank you for reading
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