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Ralph Young

Consultant of track expert, L&T

How you think we were able to solve your problem?

Practically, as I am first time working in India, and hard to evaluate so called right client / good working environment, hence if the input from you will be the more the better.

Why did you chose us to find your next career opportunity ?

I was introduced by my friend to know Hire Pundit and frankly your team is quite efficient and active compare to the recruitment company I used to cooperated.

Especially even I have on boarded, your team members keep asking whether need any help, it’s impressive

Whether and why you found us different from other consultants ?

I deem Hire Pundit owned resources and information for India market, but based on my case, I don’t know whether you have sufficient data base of expatriate engineers, obviously huge demands and development is approaching here and the demanding of expat. Expert is increasing based on project requested, especially if the funding resources are from ADB / JICA / World bank…etc

Any particular experience that you can mention about us, while we were supporting you to find a job that you liked a lot. 

As per my own case (couldn’t represent for all), for working environment is not foreigner friendly, and difficulties from communication is always remained. I suggest that if intend to keep qualified engineers here, foreign construction firms in India will be better choice, due to the philosophy of management is different from local style.

For example, I serve in L&T, it has been no.1 company in construction, but the way of project management and work implementation remains lots conflicts and I couldn’t do anything more.