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Alok Rawat

Project Manager, NTT Intellilink, Japan

How you think we were able to solve your problem?

I must say that the teams at Hire Pundit fully understood my problems and as a result I got an offer from the right client for the right role, which I was looking for. At that time I was looking for a job change because I had been working with my previous employer for 6 years, and I found that I was not learning new things, working on the same technology, with the same process, the same clients for a long time and I was in a very comfortable position. So I wanted to break it down and through Hire Pundit I was able to complete my job search journey.

Why did you chose us to find your next career opportunity ?

The reason is very simple, what I want to do next in my career, through Hire Pundit I was able to achieve it. Special thanks to Namita San for providing me all possible details during the recruitment process, motivated me and her response was very quick. 

After joining the new organization, I received follow-up emails from her indicating that she is not only there to find a job for you, but she cares about you after you join, whether you have any difficulties or your Any other problem in the new job. I am really grateful to her and Hire Pundit for this gesture.

Whether and why you found us different from other consultants ?

Actually, I have connected with other recruitment teams too, and they were offering me some other roles that I do not want even though I have already chatted/voice chat with them but some of them did not really care about the candidate’s desires, future goals, roles, etc. But in the case of HirePundit it was totally different. They first understand the candidate’s current situations, future goals, what roles the candidate is looking for, then they introduce the roles and JD links which are very close to reality.

Any particular experience that you can mention about us, while we were supporting you to find a job that you liked a lot. 

At one point I had two offers and I was about to join another company. I had already said no to Namita Sen. But the team of Hire Pundit was always connected to me and after rejecting the offer they contacted me again and we discussed a lot. I like the way they explained to me, since that discussion was about my career, my future, I had to make a decision. And today I can say that the meeting with the Hire Pundit teams was very fruitful. Thank you for your guidance and support.