Japan Focus

Company Name Hire Pundit Japan 株式会社
(Hire Pundit Japan Corporation)
Established May 2019
Representatives Representative Director, Vivek Jain
Representative Director, Gaurav Malhotra
Paid In capital 22 Million Yen
Business description
  1. Recruitment services of High Skilled and Trained Professionals
  2. Inbound and Outbound - Investment and business advisory
  3. Training - International Business Management and Japanese Language
Key Industries served IT, Manufacturing & Automation, Energy, Accounting and Finance, Healthcare and Defense
Address 1-10-2, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Ogawamachi
Tokyo, 101-0052
Tel: 03- 6264-7421
Fax: 03-6264-7424
Access Chiyoda Line - Shin-Ochanomizu Station - 1 min. walk
Toei Shinjuku Line - Ogawamachi Station - 1 min. walk
Marunouchi Line - Awajicho Station - 3 min. walk
Chuo Line. Sobu Line - Ochanomizu Station - 6 min. walk

Service Focus

With the significant economic opportunity created through economic and business advancement between India and Japan, several practical challenges exist around managing and growing businesses. While, most of them are very common, the solutions to address them are unique and unexpected.

With the Management Team having more than 10 + years of expertise in Japanese Industry to analyze these challenges, we differentiate ourselves from not what we do but how we help solve these problems for our clients. We work on people and business management areas as they become critical success factors for success in overseas markets.

On business side, we help medium size and small size companies in acquiring companies and form business partnerships toimplement their global business expansion strategies. Our knowledge base that includes vast information on Industries, key market players, growth target companies are our strength to provide these services.

Our solutions around People includes -


  1. Direct recruitment services - High skilled Indian and Japanese professionals
  2. Compensation benchmarking and related advisory
  3. Review overseas office leadership structure and advise on communication design
  4. Technical language training for Non-Japanese professionals

Merits :

  1. Localized leadership derives maximum ROI in overseas markets
  2. Locally trained resource ultimately replaces need for expat overseas, leading to low mobility cost.
  3. Talent pool of culturally and technically trained young talent efficiently fill the workforce gap.

Our solutions around Business includes -


  1. Deal origination and partner search for B2B collaborations.
  2. Market entry and establishment.
  3. Workshops on International business management.
    (Theme – Managing the Unique Management Styles)

Merits :

  1. Our insightson local business help better appreciate the opportunities.
  2. Our culturally fluent professional team help establish market and cultural intelligence.
  3. Efficient relationship management by manager will advance the overseas business.