Global Talent Mobility Services

In a global environment, planning an expansion in existing or new markets is inevitable. This globalization is affecting every core business activity, from supply chain and customer engagement to regulatory reporting and talent attraction and retention. This also means talent hiring strategies need to be in place both in home and overseas market to future proof businesses and its workforce.

Same time for most organizations, the workforce is one of the larger expenses on the income statement and an international assignment is an investment for the future. Accordingly, the efficacy of the workforce is critical in ensuring the company meets its strategic objectives.

Our Talent Mobility services is therefore aligned with the wider talent strategy our clients and is actively engaged in workforce planning (dispatching and direct recruiting) and enhancing people effectiveness at work. We offer quality by offering candidates from our database of highly qualified professionals possessing skills that can serve our clients in all major operational functions.

Our Services

At the core of our philosophy is to keep working on PEOPLE and their DEVELOPMENT that ultimately deliver QUALITY in BUSINESS. Therefore, our services entails high level of attention on even the finest details to hire and train people, that will work to support your businesses locally and globally.

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting Services
Dispatch Staffing Services
Professional Language Trainings

Advisory and Compliances

Expat Advisory and Compliance
Market Mapping Solution
Review Leadership Structure

Learning and Development

Japanese Language Training
Cross Cultural Management Workshops

Value Added Services

  • International Business Program

    International Business Program

    Learn to manage Unique Management Styles business overseas

  • Cross Cultural Management

    Cross Cultural Management

    Helping expats to effectively engage with people overseas

  • Language Program

    Technical Language Program

    Understand more to give more at while doing work and personal life

How We Work

We understand your open position requirement and post your job openings on our site, popular job boards and market directly to qualified candidates in our proprietary database.

This includes candidate mining from several different sources including Internet database mining, direct sourcing, social networking and newsgroups.

We build an assessment screen on candidate selection for positions and grade resumes with a quality index that match the needs of the open position.

We work with our clients to define the pre-screening requirements for your hiring needs to assess the candidate's capabilities and organizational fit. We take top rated resumes and then interview these candidates on the phone or over a face to face meeting. We take notes and further grade the candidates and provide you with real-time updates for on the interview scores so you get to see and choose highly rated candidates. The client in turn gives us feedback on the selected candidates. Your feedback scores are used as a quality metric for our performance and optimizing the candidate assessment process. Selected candidates are moved to the interview stages.

Once a candidate is selected for interview we make all the arrangements for the interview (Phone/Skype/Personal). We prepare the candidate with the company culture and needs to there is a better dialogue between the candidate and client.

Often we help our clients in establishing the salary range of certain positions. We provide industry estimates on positions and guide the candidate on working with the client on the offer. Selected candidates can be processed for background checks and reference checks. These results are presented to the client and help in making the final offer decision.

Our Mobilization team ensures all contractors and permanent staff are where they need to be, at the right time, and ready to start work with the necessary visas and work permits in place. We prepare the necessary contracts, manage their ticketing and travel set up the payroll and help them acclimate them to their new location.

We conduct evaluations of engineers on a regular basis to ensure that we dispatch highly skilled staff members who meet customers' requirements.

Our Strengths

Specialized team of recruiters understands the unique skills and requirements of our clients operating in various sectors. Our broad network in the industry helps us locate the best people in the Industry, thereby providing quick results in recruiting both in local market and globally.

Database of over 100,000 qualified candidates ready to go to work. Our network pool has been built over long relationship with the potential candidates providing expeditedService. Organizing job fairs over the years have helped us understand our client's requirements better and faster.

Personalized in-depth candidate screening process finds qualified candidates with both the technical and experience history you need. Aiming to always provide sustainability to our clients, we provide talent that fits you culturally and provides stability in business.

We use state of the art web tools to manage & control client positions and prepare candidate pipelines. This helps us manage our quality and cost and we are able to bring in these efficiencies directly to our clients. Our participation in various international portals and proprietary active candidate database help us respond efficiently to our client requirements.

Our communication and negotiations between all parties is marked by transparency and openness. We believe in being respectful to our relationships and will always strive to bring you the right person the first time with a complete picture of everyone's positions.

We are driven by quality of our performance. This covers both the responsiveness to your needs as well as the quality of the candidates we hire. Our tight quality management process grades these metrics internally and results in us sourcing the best candidates available.

We work for you. This means we are loyal to your values, alliances, partnerships and culture.